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Finaally, is a Design & Build firm. Your one stop destination for complete renovation, interior designing and decor of Residential, Commercial, Hospitality, Retail and much more. Our sole purpose of coming into this industry is to make your Interior Designing experience Affordable, Trustable, Amazing. Our USP as per Industrial Standards is to keep our products and services up to the mark.

At Finaally.com you will finally get the Interiors of your Dreams. Our team of experienced professionals including Interior Designers, Architects, Project Managers, 3D Artists, Skilled Laborers and many more, work together and execute the best designs according to your space to create a long lasting impact.

We definitely do justice to our job and believe in offering perfection. A Design & Build experience better than ever. (like never before).

Design Development

To bring out the best of any given site, Design & Development go hand in hand.

The Design & Development of an astonishing site includes Space planning, Architectural detailing, Custom specifications, etc. The Primary phase includes the construction part of the project such as flooring, cabinetry, tiling, carpentry, masonry, etc. this also includes complete scope of hard surface finishes. The Secondary phase includes deliverable of soft furnishes such as fabrics, wallcoverings, paint, window treatments, bedding, decorative lighting, accessories, etc.

The Design & Development stage is very crucial for a smooth Execution process.



Once the potential clients approach Finaally for Interior Designing, Execution or Renovation of their Residential or Commercial spaces, we arrange a site meeting between the client and our interior designer to lock the project for further proceeding of the site. Once the project is Locked, our designer takes in-depth details of the site, in-depth requirements of the client and A proper understanding of the client's taste and other details is taken.


Every space has a different vibe and we at Finaally work to enhance or recreate an aura according to every individual space and client. Hence, our designer presents some interesting Concepts to best suit the site. And any given point the client is given complete freedom to add in their unique ideas.


This stage is very crucial as our designers make sure that the Concepts we design & create for the clients, match their ideas, demands and requirements. Once a common ground is achieved between the designer and the client over a Design concept, the designer will create detailed layouts by specifying products, materials, the overall expenditure and terms of agreement for further approval.


The last and the most important step is Execution. Our team works together to build, install and renovate your space. We at Finaally make sure the quality of work doesn't get compromised at any point. Hence, a Project Manager is appointed on site who reports to the designer as well as client, to ensure a smooth Execution Process.

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