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Discovering new design

Time spent in planning a project is never wasted. The brief is vital to the project, and whether it is for soft furnishing a single room, refurbishing an existing property or building a brand new home it is vital to include as much as possible in the original scope of work.

The first step is to meet you, the client, and agree the brief. There we listen, learn about your lifestyle and your aspirations. We discuss your budget, the time frame and will be involved in achieving your goal. Our business offers a full interior design and decoration service which is essentially limitless. Our clients can decide whether our team will lead the project or be part of an existing team.

Go Through Design

After acknowledging the client's requirements, design taste, work scope, budget,etc. designs are created according to the client's lifestyle and other collected details. At this stage, the client is given complete freedom to improvise the design at any given point before the design is finalised and ready for execution. Once the design is frozen, our team delivers a complete package of detailed drawings that include 2D and 3D drawings for better understanding of the potential design.

Deliver Your Design

Execution. The third & final stage. After the client is satisfied with the potential design, the execution process starts taking place. At this stage Our Execution Team comes in. Our experts take charge of every detail from Material selection, Site supervision, Worker & Labour handling, etc. The client has a complete say in the material selection. We make sure the best material options are presented to the client to fit their Budget and Taste. Simultaneously our Site Manager ensures the smooth functioning on site. The Responsibility of executing on site exactly what design has been finalised, is taken by ever single member of our team. We at Finaally believe in giving out best to deliver to you finally the home of your dreams. You can find here other links for interior designing services

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